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Magic TX Garage Door Testimonials

Had to call them early in the morning. The door won't open and had somebody to come in and fix it fast. Arrived within 15 minutes and fixed the problem in no time.

George Fiske Houston, TX

Mark is great! My neighbor who is a handyman fixed my garage but that didn't last long. A week later, the same problem happened where the door only open half way. Just stop right in the middle and I wasn't able to close it back. I don't want to bother my neighbor again (and I felt really bad asking him again). So I called Magic. They sent Mark and he was awesome! He stopped by and looked at the problem and did something. According to him it was an easy fix. He fixed it fast and the price was reasonable. Would definitely call them again if anything ever happen to my garage.

Lisa Mendez Houston, TX

They were easy to reach. Price was reasonable and they were on time with their appointment. Would recommend to call instead of emailing them. You will get faster respond that way.

Bob Myers Angleton, TX

It was a great and fast service! Spoke with Ben and he was very helpful. Made an appointment and his technicians came on time. Can't recommend them enough!

Kimberlee Nielsen Pearland, TX

Called Magic  to fix my garage door. Very happy and pleased with the job quality and the definitely the cost.
Highly recommended them.

Mark The Woodlands, TX

I woke up this morning to a broken garage door. I wasn't able to leave the house on time to work.  Not a good experience to start the day.  Called Magic TX and they came to my place pretty quickly and got everything fixed promptly and at a reasonable price.

Jason Pasadena, TX