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Garage Door in Magnolia, TX

A garage problem can really turn any day upside down. It takes more than just a do it yourself and can do attitude to fix most garage door problems. When garage door problems happen, it takes a professional garage door repair company, and that is where we come in.

  • Service Fee: $29
  • Phone: (281) 817-7233
  • Service areas: Magnolia, TX and surrounding cities
  • Location: 18230 FM 1488, Magnolia, TX 77354

Here at Magic TX Garage Door Service, we will be there in the nick of time to fix all of your garage door repair needs. You wont have to spend a lot of wasted time trying to fix your garage door yourself.

If you are having problems with a larger industrial garage door at your business, we can take care of that too. Or locally trained professionals have a wide array of skills that allow them to work on many different garage doors without any problem at all.

When it comes to repairing parts, we are well equipped to help you with many different parts that you may need. Whether you are looking to simply fix a broken garage door remote opener, or you need to replace your whole track, we will be able to take care of these parts for you.