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Garage Door in Hitchcock, TX

The garage door is stuck at the touch of a button and frustration is boiling to a head. This is so unnecessary with Magic TX Garage Door, just a click or a call away. The low cost service fee of $29.00 will bring the experts to the stuck door as the offices are located in Houston, TX area with service to the surrounding Harris County cities. The call will bring a licensed and trained, fully insured and professional expert out to the home to fix that inoperative garage door.

  • Service Fee: $29
  • Phone: (832) 365-7373
  • Service areas: Hitchcock, TX and surrounding cities
  • Location: 8117 Hwy 6, Hitchcock, TX 77563

It is certainly alarming and upsetting not be be able to pull the car out of the garage because the door freezes up. Anyone but Magic TX Garage Door would be frazzled at not being able get on with the day’s tasks or to work or worse yet, to the hospital for a health emergency.

There is no need to be frazzled, as a simple call will bring on the Magic TX Garage Door emergency repair servicemen and women with their 20 years of experience 24 hours a day. Whether the door is a part of the home garage or the door to the local fire station where the fire trucks must get out on emergency calls as well, our timely and cost effective service will put an end to that garage door freeze up in short order.

Here are more of the benefits of hiring Magic TX Garage Door. Should it be a popped spring, broken cables, some broken parts or roller replacements that caused the problem, Magic TX Garage Door has these times on hand and ready to replace on a system in trouble. Other items that can be serviced and replaced are garage door openers, panels, a the track that could be bent, and even replacing the weather seal that lines the exposed parts of the door. Any item that keeps the door functioning can be procured, repaired or replaced by our expert service men and women at Magic TX Garage Door.