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Garage Door Repair in Crosby, TX

The overhanging garage door is certainly one of man’s greatest inventions. It’s invention in the early 20th century, allowed businesses to bring in large amounts of inventory, and home owners to keep their vehicles safe. The modern garage door is one of those conveniences in life that are rarely thought of until something goes wrong. If this happen, call Magic TX Garage Door to provide you with repair services.

  • Service Fee: $29
  • Phone: (281) 402-6222
  • Service areas: Crosby, TX and surrounding cities
  • Location: 291 Hare Rd, Crosby TX

Modern lifting doors are simple mechanical devices that contain quite a few moving parts. Just like the car you park in the garage, the door’s moving parts will need maintenance and repair occasionally. Luckily, we’re here in the Houston area to make these repairs in a timely and cost effective manor.

Our locally trained, professional staff can be there to repair your garage door any time of day! Thats right, we offer 24 hour emergency repair. We believe this shows our commitment to customer satisfaction. You should never lose sleep at night over your garage door. Our team is licensed and insured, with over 20 years of experience repairing doors!

We will replace your bent track, weather seals, panels and other parts. If you’ve lost or broken your garage door opener, we will have a member of our team bring you a new one. Your torsion springs are almost guaranteed to rust or break over the life of your garage door. Without proper lubricant, hinges and bearings are likely to degrade as well. We are proud to offer replacements parts, and swap them out for you.