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Garage Door in Cypress, TX

As they say, “What goes up must come down”. And of course, it’s nice to be able to rely on that “what” to go up and down on command, even if it’s a garage door. Nice as garages are, they requite maintenance just like any other building, especially their doors.

  • Service Fee: $29
  • Phone: (281) 402-6222
  • Service areas: Cypress, TX and surrounding cities
  • Location: 14248 Spring Cypress Road B, Cypress, TX 77429

Automatic garage doors are prone to track bending, jamming, and corroding. Power systems develop shorts. Springs come loose from plates, doors from hinges. And thousands of Texans attempt to correct these faults on their own, often resulting in injury to themselves, and further damage to the malfunctioning door.

Instead, they could have contacted Magic TX Garage Door Service. This is a locally owned company headquartered in Houston, and serving communities throughout Harris County for more than twenty years. When you call Magic TX Garage Door you’ll be promptly assisted by trained, professional staff who are familiar with your neighborhood because they are your neighbors. This means that on that night when you absolutely must get your car out of the garage and the door won’t budge, our emergency 24 hour repair service can make it happen. Not only can the door open when the rest of the world is asleep, it can be opened at a price that won’t keep you awake either. And no garage door is too small or large for Magic TX Garage Door to repair. Our clients range from warehouse to private homeowners, and they have all been very satisfied with our company’s response time, professionalism, safety record, and results.

And Magic TX Garage Door’s results speak for themselves. Over the decades, we have replaced everything from entire garage doors to “just” weather seals, to door springs, to rollers and bent track sections, to the door remote, quickly and safely. And with a $29 service fee, our visits are cost effective, as well.