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Garage Door Spring Repair in Magnolia, TX

Being the largest entry point in any commercial or residential building, it is important to properly maintain a garage door. This also helps in eliminating risks of mishaps. Regular inspection, maintenance and check-ups are important to ensure and security as well. Ill-managed doors pose a risk to life, therefore, they should not be left unprotected for long periods and immediate maintenance by professionals is recommended.

  • Service Fee: $29
  • Phone: (281) 817-7233
  • Service areas: Magnolia, TX and surrounding cities
  • Location: 18230 FM 1488, Magnolia, TX 77354

Practically, the most common garage door repairs are removing of excessive oil and dust, motor adjustment, split cables, broken torsion springs, stripped motor trolleys, split cables, hinges and faulty drums. Only a experienced professional can understand all about these issues and can offer better repairing and maintenance solutions for the efficient and smooth operation. Our professionals can get your garage door motor running with minor adjustments after inspection. We can help maintain your garage door with replacement parts, hardware, sections, openers, tracks and all tools necessary for the job.

Let’s have a close look at garage door services offered by Magic TX Garage Door Repair:

  • Removal of excessive debris, dirt, grease, and oil on the tracks.
  • Checking the door balance.
  • A thorough check up of parts including hinges, rollers, etc.
  • Lubrication, maintenance and repair of rollers, springs, hinges, drums, cables and struts.
  • Checking and adjustment of the torsion springs
  • Checking of the force adjustment, adjustment of limit switches, etc
  • Inspection of the garage door motor

The technicians of Magic TX Garage Door Repair not only offer preventive maintenance services, but also ensure its efficiency, performance level and safe operation. We also offer essential services and expert recommendations for commercial or residential garage door applications, irrespective of model or brand.